MIKE Grid Divider / 15x15 divider / height 30 mm for Cryoboxes, cardboard

Article-No.: 602662 / Article-Code: RM10301515N

Grid dividers scheme 15x15, Grid holes for Tubes appr. 8.3 mm Diameter, height 30 mm / 1.18 inch, suitable for Cryoboxes MIKE / Cryoboxes 142x142 mm / 5.59x5.59 (LxW)

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Product.Nr.: RM10301515N

Manufacturer: NationalLab

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Article-No.: 602662 / Article-Code: RM10301515N

Cardboard Grid Dividers for Cryoboxes MIKE or Cryoboxes (LxW) 142x142 mm / 5.59x5.59 inch

Grid dividers scheme                : 15x15
Grid holes                               : 225 tube divider
Grid holes for Tubes appr.         : 8.3 mm Diameter
Grid divider height                   : 30 mm / 1.18 inch
Suitable for Cryoboxes             : MIKE / Cryoboxes 142x142 mm / 5.59x5.59 inch (LxW)
Grid divider material                : cardboard
Grid divider temperature range : cooling and dry storage
Grid divider quality / brand       : MIKE
Grid divider manufacturer             : National Lab, Germany (national laboratory sample storage system germany)

MIKE Cryo-Boxes without raster tray can be equipped individually with our raster trays as needed.

MIKE cardboard-Cryoboxes can be produced on request in individual colours and dimensions.

Accessories for cryogenic tubes storage boxes:
For dry and refrigerated storage of samples, samples, samples storage, sample archiving and the system of order by Cryo boxes in the lab
find the stainless steel chest racks, stainless steel racks, stainless steel Cabinet drawers and stainless steel Cabinet boxes in the category tree.

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