Cryo-Scientific-Boxes Hamburg, Germany,

CellBox Maxi long vertical rack for 5 cryoboxes up to 148x287x128 mm folding handle, stainless steel

Article-No.: 605555 / Article-Code: TCMa2-05AN
External dimensions frame DxWxH: 153x296x656 mm, for 5 Cryo boxes up to 148x287x128 mm,
stainless steel, folding handle

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Product.Nr.: TCMa2-05AN

Manufacturer: NationalLab

117,90 EUR

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product description

Article-No.: 605555 / Article-Code: TCMa2-05AN

CellCryobox Maxi long vertical rack, for 5 boxes up to 148x287x128 mm
stainless steel, folding handle

CellCryobox Vertical and Horizontal Racks
Stainless stgeel.

CellCryobox Maxi long Vertical Racks
Useful for CellCryobox Maxi long and alle boxes up to external dimensions 148x287x128 mm (WxDxH)

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